1st “ITday Japan 2019” (2019/12/9) Overview

In “ITday Japan 2019”, I would like to make three proposals to solve the serious problem that “To be IT surveillance society, or to be IT civil society, that is the question”.
The first is “System Thinking.”
Analyzing human society with “system thinking” such as “Communication Amplifier System (CAS)” and solving problems.
The second is “reinvent the WWW.”
A major change from a flyer-type WWW that can handle only fragment information to a book-type WWW that is useful for knowledge activities.
The third is the “Personal Internet Revolution”.
The Macintosh, the world’s first commercial personal computer, appeared with the message, “The Computer for the Rest of US,” and completed the “Personal Computer Revolution.”
“ITday Japan 2019”, together with the message “The Internet for the Rest of Us”, declares that it aims to realize the “Personal Internet Revolution” and will work on concrete development.
If you can agree with us, please join us.
Thank you very much.

What is “ITday”?

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