Global Digicon Salon 016〜ITday Japan 2021〜Can IT save the worsening crisis of the mankind?

Global Digicon Salon 016
ITday Japan 2021

Can IT save the worsening crisis of the mankind?
2021.12.4(Sat)17:00-19:00(LA Time)

The 16th “Global Digicon Salon 016” will be held on a global scale on December 5, 2021 (Sun) 10: 00-12: 00 (Japan time), and December 4, 2021 (Sat) 17:00-19:00 (LA Time).
The theme will be “ITday Japan 2021 – Can IT save the worsening crisis of the mankind?”.
“IT Day” means “IT Revolution Memorial Day”. On December 9, 1968, Douglas Engelbart performed a historic demonstration called “The DEMO,”, “A computer network that augments human Intellect, and promotes people’s cooperation, to solve the serious problems facing humankind”. To commemorate the starting point of the IT revolution, we have held a symposium entitled “IT Day” every December. This year, the 53rd anniversary of “The DEMO,” the theme will be “Can IT save the worsening crisis of the mankind?”
The COVID-19 pandemic, which began in 2020, caused various economic turmoil around the world. And the economic turmoil accelerated the uneven distribution of wealth. This is because no matter how much the Government puts money into the market like hot water due to fiscal stimulus, it does not pass on to the economically deprived, but only enriches rich people in the current political economy system. Tyranny is becoming more tyranny, and suppressions of human rights are taking place here and there. And the destruction of nature that has been justified by economic growth, causes extreme weather, global warming, and extinction of species. And unless the immediate steering is made in a sustainable direction, the entire ecosystem will be destroyed. We have come to the point where humanity may face a crisis of survival.
Under these circumstances, there are some bright signs. The COVID-19 pandemic has facilitated a number of remote revolutions, including teleworking, online learning, and virtual tours. And that has led to the creation of new work styles and lifestyles, which in turn has created a number of IT innovations that may lead to the construction of sustainable social systems.
The COVID-19 pandemic is undoubtedly a great disaster for us. However, on the other hand, it is also an opportunity for us to fundamentally review the existing social system and bring about great innovation. In fact, humankind has made great progress in the face of such a crisis. This time, we will have a thorough discussion with technology writer Kazutoshi Otani, BRIDGE co-founder Masaru Ikeda, and Universal Research Laboratory representative Makoto Urano on the theme of the growing crisis of humankind and the latest trends in IT technology. In addition, when I reported this symposium to the Doug Engelbart Institute, I received an offer from Executive Director and Co-Founder of the Doug Engelbart Institute, Christina Engelbart, to formally sponsor it. And I received a message that we would like to continue discussions on what kind of contribution we can make to the World by cooperating with each other. On the day, I would like to introduce the message from Christina and discuss about the future activities of “IT day”.

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Date :
2021.12.4 (Sat) 17:00~19:00(LA Time)

Speech Theme :
ITday Japan 2021
Can IT save the worsening crisis of the mankind?
Speech Guest :

Kazutoshi Otani Technology Writer
Masaru Ikeda BRIDGE co-founder

 Makoto Urano Universal Research Laboratory Representative
Christina Engelbart Executive Director and Co-Founder The Doug Engelbart Institute
Official sponsor:
Doug Engelbart Institute

Number of applicants:100
Participation fee : Free
Host : Global Digicon Salon

Speech Guest

Kazutoshi Otani
Technology Writer / G-Mark (Good Design Award) Partner Shop AssistOn Director
In addition to writing on design, electronic devices, bicycles, and photography, he also consults on product planning. Authors include “The Man Who Made the iPod”, “The Company Who Made the iPhone” (ASCII Shinsho Books), “Macintosh Products and Design Encyclopedia” (Ei Publishing), “iPhone Camera Life” (BNN Shinsha), “Why Successful Companys Value Photographs?” (Kodansha Gendai Business), etc. “Visual Shift” (Senden Kaigi) in the supervision book. And the latest book “The Man Who Made the Roomba, Collin Angle’s “Power of Co-creativity” (Shogakukan)

Masaru Ikeda
BRIDGE co-founder
Masaru Ikeda currently acts as co-founder of “BRIDGE”, one of Japan’s leading media outlets covering the startup scene in Japan and the rest of the world. He started his career as a programmer/engineer, and previously co-founded several system integration companies and consulting firms. He’s been traveling around Silicon Valley, Europe and Asia exploring the IT industry and prominent startups.

Makoto Urano
Universal Research Laboratory Representative
Born in 1978. He majored in electrochemistry at Tokyo Institute of Technology. He is engaged in research at an AI venture company (natural language processing). He started Universal Research Laboratory in 2016 as an individual activity besides his main business and became independent in 2020. He holds many study sessions and documentary screenings on the themes of AI, blockchain, post-capitalism, Scandinavian social models, etc. at Universal Research Laboratory. He has been dealing with basic income for five years in the project “Geek Economy”, which deeply researches post-capitalism.
■Universal Research Laboratory

Christina Engelbart
Executive Director and Co-Founder of the Doug Engelbart Institute
Christina got her start in 1978 as in intern in Doug Engelbart’s lab, first as a Customer Service and Training rep, then as an East Coast field rep, for early customers of the NLS/Augment system developed in Doug’s lab, and later specified the user interface for the Augment hypermail program. Christina then joined forces with Doug to launch the Bootstrap Institute (now the Doug Engelbart Institute*), working closely with her father to refine his vision and implementa­tion strategy, develop demonstration software, and promote his teachings via writings, workshops, courseware, expeditions, and communities of practice, and produce the first Bootstrap website. Christina works along three intersecting vectors: (1) as head curator of the Engelbart Archive, bringing his considerable historic legacy to life online; (2) as producer of the open source Engelbart Academy, featuring Doug’s still prescient call to action in his own words; and (3) bringing that vision to practice as an actionable stragety for Bootstrapping Brilliance in today’s teams and organizations, an approach that dovetails with prevailing innovation strategies for greater transformational impact..
■Doug Engelbart Institute


Toshihiro Takagi  
Former editor of “MACLIFE”. CEO of Creation Inc.
Born in 1955. Graduated from the Department of Political Science, School of Political Science and Economics, Waseda University. 1985 Launched NTT Captain System Information Magazine “Captain Pedia”. In 1986, Japan’s first Macintosh specialized magazine “MAC World Japan Edition”. In 1987, the first issue of “MACLIFE”. In 1999, Developed “Knowledge Circulation System with AI” Kacis Writer/Kacis Publisher. Received “Software Product of the Year 2001” (SOFTIC). In 2017, held “Horos 2050 Future Conference”. On December 10, 2018, held Alan Kay’s keynote lecture “IT25.50”. His main books include “Mac OS X Server Perfect Guide”, “Document Creation with Kacis”, “The History of Jobs & Apple”, “Jobs Legend”, “Smart TV and Video Business”.